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Computer memory is the soul of your computer. Basically, it is of three types -RAM or the random access memory, ROM or the read only memory, and the hard drive memory. RAM computer memory is used by the computer processor for processing the information. It is a temporary memory, and the moment computer is shut down, every piece of data in the RAM is lost. It is at this point of time that computer flash memory comes into the picture. RAM is further classified into different types such as extended data out (EDO); fast page mode (FPM); single data rate (SDR); Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM); double data rate -first generation (DDR1); and the double data rate -second generation (DDR2) respectively.

ROM is the memory that is stored on the computer's motherboard. The memory has all the data which is required by the computer for starting it smoothly. Since it is a read only memory, ROM can only be used for reading purposes and not for writing. Hard drive memory on the computer is the memory located on the physical drive and which can be used for storing huge amounts of data at any given point of time. The data can be easily recovered from this computer memory after the computer is switched on. Hard drive memory is a computer memory that can be used for longer duration of time.

Whether it is Dell or Apple memory or for that matter memory of any other assembled computer system, the central role of the memory remains the same, which is to store high quantity of data and make it available for use for information purposes. With increase in the resources, the requirement for computer memory upgrade becomes a necessary aspect. Upgrading the memory of computer system is very easy and not a cumbersome task and it takes only few minutes of your time. When you go for upgrade of computer memory, there's substantial increase in the performance of your computer system as it now takes much less processing time.

Computer memory upgrade for Apple requires different procedures altogether than the procedures that are otherwise required by the PC. There can be many reasons for the shift in procedures when considering memory upgrade and apple memory. The primary reasons that are otherwise responsible are differences in the configuration of RAM, Motherboards, and Graphics Cards etc. Therefore, the computer memory specifications, in case you are thinking of memory upgrade, are directly related to the hardware compatibility of the resources.

If you are not aware about the configuration of your PC, then it might not be possible for you to easily do the task of upgrade. In such a situation it'd be a good idea that you go for hardware professional that will give you the service and change the computer memory of your system for good performance and fast response time. It is important to note here that computer memory, irrespective of the fact, whether it is RAM, ROM or Hard disk, is meant to give efficiency, only if it is compatible with other hardware resources.

If memory is not compatible then there are possibilities of hardware and software conflicts occurring; and this will completely deteriorate the performance of the computer system sooner or later. Make sure that you keep the point in your mind.
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Computer Memory - Upgrade For High Speed

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This article was published on 2010/10/21